1 to 5 App Allows Children to Navigate Emotions with a Touch

Explore the 1 to 5 App, a top-rated emotional learning tool designed specifically for children aged 4-10. This easy-to-use app features a visual five-point scale that helps kids master emotional communication by allowing them to identify, express, and manage their feelings effectively. Ideal for enhancing emotional intelligence, the 1 to 5 App supports both neurodiverse and neurotypical children, including those with autism. It's the perfect resource for parents seeking to foster resilience and emotional savvy in their youngsters. Discover how our app can transform emotional challenges into opportunities for growth and understanding, making it your go-to solution for child emotional development.

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Intuitive and Immediate Emotional Guidance

The 1 to 5 App is engineered for simplicity and user-friendliness. Right from download, this hassle-free app requires no sign-in or complex setup—just open and start using. Ideal for teaching key concepts in social and emotional development, the 1 to 5 App features an intuitive visual system that guides children through social cognition and emotional regulation. Its streamlined functionality makes it a standout choice for anyone seeking an effective, easy-to-use tool to enhance emotional learning.

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Seamless Setup

Download the 1 to 5 App and start using it immediately—no sign-ins or setups needed. Offering instant access, this app provides immediate entry to essential emotional learning tools, making it the perfect choice for quick and effective emotional education for children.

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Visual Emotional Guidance

Designed with intuitive visuals, such as vibrant colors and expressive emojis, the 1 to 5 App enables children to quickly identify their emotions and access effective coping strategies. This user-friendly app simplifies emotional education, helping kids understand and manage their feelings efficiently.

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Scientifically Grounded

Grounded in established cognitive theories such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), the 1 to 5 App enhances both emotional and social learning through well-organized, visual teaching methods. This approach makes it an ideal tool for effectively teaching complex concepts in a clear and engaging way.

Tailor to Your Child's Needs

Customize for Better Engagement

Tailor the 1 to 5 App to meet your child's unique emotional needs. You can modify text and emojis to better reflect their feelings, creating a truly personal emotional learning experience. This customization extends to any language, ensuring that the app is accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Custom Emotion Settings.
Personalize each emotion on the scale to align with your child’s experiences. Change the text and emojis to fit the nuances of how your child expresses themselves, enhancing their connection to the tool.
Multilingual Support
Adapt the app’s language to your home’s primary language. This feature ensures that the app is not only a tool for emotional regulation but also a bridge for communication within multilingual families.
Tailored Coping Strategies
Update the coping strategies to suit what works best for your child. This customization allows for more effective management of emotions, making the strategies more relevant and immediately useful.
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1 to 5 App is Completely Free

Experience the 1 to 5 App—completely free, with no ads, no sign-ups, and no subscriptions. Born from a heartfelt desire to aid my own child's development, this app is my gift to families everywhere. Access all its features at no cost and join us in nurturing children's emotional growth. Love the 1 to 5 App? Please rate and review! Your feedback is invaluable, and by sharing your experiences, you help extend its reach to more families in need. Together, let’s spread the word and make a significant impact!

Start Navigating Emotions Today

Empower your child to master their emotions effortlessly. Download the 1 to 5 App today and unlock a world of intuitive emotional learning! Equip them with essential skills for emotional management through our user-friendly app. Start their journey towards emotional intelligence now!

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Dale Hurley

Creating the 1 to 5 App was inspired by my son's journey with autism. It transformed how he expressed and managed his emotions. This tool reflects our personal experiences and is designed to help other families find similar success in emotional education.

Dale Hurley
Creator of 1 to 5 App

The Impact of the 1 to 5 App

Discover how the 1 to 5 App has transformed emotional regulation for families around the world.

Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to me.

    • How does the 1 to 5 App help children manage emotions?

      The 1 to 5 App is an intuitive digital tool that guides children in recognizing and regulating their emotions through a simple five-point scale. With easy touches, they can select colors and emojis that correspond to different emotional states, enhancing their emotional literacy in a fun and interactive way.

    • Who should use the 1 to 5 App?

      Designed for children aged 4-10, the 1 to 5 App is especially helpful for those who experience challenges with emotional regulation, including children with autism. It serves as a valuable tool for parents and educators in supporting the emotional development of young learners.

    • Is there any cost to use the 1 to 5 App?

      The 1 to 5 App is completely free—there are no ads, sign-ups, or subscriptions. We provide full access to all features at no charge to support families in managing emotional education effectively.

    • How can I adjust the settings to fit my child’s specific needs?

      The 1 to 5 App allows you to customize the emotional scale with specific emojis, colors, and text to resonate with your child's unique ways of expressing emotions. This customization can be accessed in the app’s settings menu.

    • How does the app protect my child’s privacy?

      The 1 to 5 App is committed to privacy. It does not require any personal information to use, and it does not store any data that could compromise your child's privacy.

    • How is the 1 to 5 App funded?

      The 1 to 5 App is a labor of love, developed to share a personal solution for emotional regulation with others. It’s offered for free as a contribution to the community, without any commercial intent.

    • Can I use the 1 to 5 App on my device?

      Absolutely! The 1 to 5 App is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms. Download it from the App Store or Google Play Store to start using it on your smartphone or tablet immediately.

    • How can I contact the 1 to 5 App team?

      For any inquiries or feedback, reach out to us via email at dale@createmy.com.au. We value your feedback and are eager to assist with any questions you may have.

    • Can the app be used in educational settings like schools?

      Absolutely! The 1 to 5 App is an excellent tool for teachers and educational therapists. It can be integrated into classroom activities to help children learn about emotional regulation in a group setting.

    • Is the app suitable for non-verbal children?

      Yes, the 1 to 5 App is designed to be inclusive and helpful for non-verbal children as well. The visual nature of the app with customizable emojis and colors helps non-verbal children express their emotions without needing to speak.

    • How does the 1 to 5 App engage non-verbal children in emotional regulation?

      The 1 to 5 App uses visual aids like colors and emojis that non-verbal children can easily understand and use to express their emotions, making it an effective tool for children who communicate non-verbally.

    • How can I support the development of the 1 to 5 App?

      You can support the 1 to 5 App by sharing it with others. Spread the word to friends, family, and through your networks to help us empower more families with this tool.

    • Is it possible to customize the 1 to 5 App?

      While the current version of the 1 to 5 App does not offer customization to maintain simplicity and ease of use, we welcome your feedback and suggestions for future enhancements to better meet the needs of our users.

    • Can I customize responses for each emotion in the 1 to 5 App?

      Yes, the app lets you personalize the responses for each emotion. You can set specific actions or coping strategies that your child should consider when feeling a certain way, enhancing the app's effectiveness.

    • Is the 1 to 5 App suitable for use in schools or therapeutic settings?

      Yes, the 1 to 5 App is an excellent resource for educators and therapists. It can be integrated into classroom activities or therapy sessions to help children learn about and manage their emotions in a supportive group environment.

    • Can the 1 to 5 App be used in languages other than English?

      Absolutely! The 1 to 5 App allows you to customize all text fields, including the emotions and responses, in any language. This makes it a versatile tool for families and therapists around the world.

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